2023 NALP Award Winner

Corporate Campus with colorful courtyard

The landscape at Excelsior Crossings is a lush and verdant oasis. What sets Excelsior Crossings apart is its serene courtyard, adorned with winding pathways, ponds, and fountains. For the busy professionals who work on-site, the courtyard is a special place and a welcome pause from their daily responsibilities.

This project received a 2023 Silver Award of Excellence from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Year-round groundskeeping keeps the campus in pristine condition

Southview Design maintains the exterior of the campus and the shared courtyard. We mow roughly 4.5 acres of lawn, changing the pattern on a weekly basis. There are fourteen colorful flower beds throughout the campus.

A dedicated crew works together to maintain the campus. Snow removal in the winter keeps the parking lots and walkways free of snow and ice. In the spring, a full campus clean-up rids the landscape of winter muck, preparing the beds and turf for the summer season. Fertilization treatments, seasonal flowers and fresh mulch bring the campus to life.

Seasonal flowers and fresh mulch bring the campus to life.

Maintaining the Courtytard is a Team Effort

The maintenance plan includes regular mowing, weeding, pruning, sweeping, turf applications, irrigation, and more. Weekly site inspections are an opportunity to correct any imperfections or issues that may arise. In all, the property is maintained by a four-person maintenance team, two-person garden team, two-person irrigation team, three-person enhancement team, and one fertilizer-horticulture expert.

Regular mowing and fertilization treatments keep the lawn tidy and green.

When standing among the gardens, one would never guess that you are a stone’s throw away from a noisy highway.

The courtyard features a variety of tables and benches, providing a mix of shaded and sunny spots for on-site workers.

There are fourteen colorful flower beds scattered around the campus.

Surrounded by trees and colorful flowers, the relaxing sound of splashing waters and chirping birds makes this corporate campus one of a kind.

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